Experience the Success of Shiba and Floki with SimbaDoge

SimbaDoge is a meme token that has been created by a robust and lively community, and a team with extensive experience delivering multi-million dollar marketcap tokens in the past. With pioneering tokenomics, SimbaDoge reintroduces the authentic burn mechanism.

How SIMBA Ensures Price Increase and Value Retention for Investors

True Burn Mechanism

$SIMBAD has adopted the TRUE BURN mechanism. Tokens in circulation are actually removed from the market by being destroyed, as opposed to being sent to a locked or unreachable wallet.

Lion NFT

$SIMBAD NFTs are a fantastic asset to possess. Holders will get higher APY rates when staking their tokens and a reduction on the buy and sell taxes.

Aggressive Lion Marketing

$SIMBAD will focus effort to on-boarding CEX Listings at a rapid pace ranging from starting with Tier 3 exchanges and increasing listings to Tier 1 exchanges, CMC/CG Listings, BTOK Listings Avedex and Dextools Trending.

Tokenomics & Stats

Total Supply
Buy / Sell Tax

Breakdown of Tax

DOGE Rewards
True Burn

Supply Distribution


Phase 1

  • Theory and concept creation of $SIMBA
  • Team Hiring Event
  • Website release
  • Whitepaper release
  • Social media launches
  • Growth of Telegram, Twitter and Social communities
  • Contract Creation and Audit
  • KYC application and presale preparation
  • Marketing campaign pre-presale
  • Growth to 5000 telegram members
  • Airdrop event pre-launch

Phase 2

  • Presale completion
  • Pancakeswap listing and launch
  • Growth to 1000 holders
  • Avedex, Dextools, BSCscan updated profiles
  • CMC/CG Listings
  • Tier 2 Exchange Listing
  • Burn Mechanism Launch
  • Buyback Event

Phase 3

  • Listing BabyDogeSwap
  • Staking Launch
  • NFT Minting Event
  • Growth to 5000 holders
  • Tier 1 Exchange
  • Growth of Ecosystem
  • Expansion of team members